business debt recovery

A guide on managing business

The world of business is a tricky world, it’s almost like life, sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down. The only difference between life and business is that unlike life which is not always manageable, you feel manage your business.  CCS, which stands for credit counseling Singapore has an experience of over 17 years of providing with excellent advices on debt services, business debt recovery and so on. They have a special team of financial counsellors which help you with these advices. Even one session with their financial counsellors helps businessmen gain a holistic perspective. You can understand a persons comprehensive discussion and assessment of another businesses.

CCS looks into;

  • Business related debts.
  • Addressing personal liabilities- Example; unsecured personal loan, credit card debts.

Costing of debt recovery process

For different types of debt services, the price is different. It is usually priced as a percentage of the debt. Some agencies, like the Atradius Collections work as a standalone debt collecting agency and provide third party collection services but it is only for credit insurance holders. These holders enjoy the various benefits that have been provided and pay for the good and service tax (GST) which is applicable to the total cost of the debt recovery process, for as long as the terms and conditions of the policy are met with. The sooner you call your collection agency and inform them about the debt, the quicker and easier it is for you to have your debt resolved.