Durian Fruit – What You Need To Know

Durian is a flesh fruit which is often known as the king of fruits in southeast Asian. It is out is thorny, while it is yellow cream like pulp inside that tastes like custard. The fruit is also understands for its strong odor since it comprises some sulphur. Durian is strongest flavored of fruits and its odor is extremely potent. Its flavor is rich, strong, and explodes on the palate, going into the sinus cavities. It probably tastes better than it smells though, something between very ripe banana, fresh onion, avocado, also, durian. Durian is typically a sweet fruit, and is among the most popular fruits around. The flavor and texture varies with various kinds of mangoes. Some are soft and pulpy while some are firmer. It can be used for flavoring, made into drinks or even had independently. Nutritional benefits of durian

  • It is about 65% water content and is full of fiber helping ones digestion.
  • It is a high proportion of carbohydrates, fats, sugar and protein.
  • It also has a high number of kcal per serving, so should be avoided if you are trying to drop weight.
  • High blood pressure patients or pregnant woman are advised not to eat durians.

durian musang king

The stench or odorĀ  of fresh durian musang king is so severe that many housewives in southeast Asia induce their husbands and their friends to eat it just outside- lest the odor permeate the rugs and cushions of the home. In fact, if you were to say either way, eating durian is quite a manly thing to do. Every day from the hottest areas of Asia are scenes of guys accumulated back exchanging soft but powerful hunks of durian and swapping great jokes or exchanging heated political views.

In nations where the durian is prolific, there are lots of regulations and laws in town as well as federal charters as to where people can purchase, cut, and eat durian. Many resorts forbid their guests to bring durian to the resort, and whether the room stinks of durian the following day guests are fined. In certain places they could be arrested! Durian, undoubtedly, is the most controversial porn on earth. It is glorious, intoxicating, sublime, and you can spend an hour or two nibbling on it in contented leisure. To those compelled to eat durian or who dare to do so despite their revulsion, durian can be unforgiving and the imbiber may regret his choice for hours or even days afterwards. In actuality, once one experiences durian it is not that at least some belief of this strangest of fruits will not last a lifetime.