preloved hermes kelly

Hermès also utilizes a variety of symbols to distinguish between various types of bags.

In most cases, Hermès bags are branded with marks that show the year the purse was created and the atelier where it was made. The date element of the stamp is composed of a letter inside a shape.

Blind stamping real bags may be difficult because authentic bags occasionally contain crooked stamps and because the typefaces used to stamp authentic bags have changed over time. It is not true that all bags have a blind stamp; hence the absence of a blind stamp is not a reason for urgent alarm, contrary to common assumption. Hermès has now relocated the mark to these bags’ inner top left corner, which is now more prominent.

Hermès hardware is either gold-plated or composed of palladium, which means that tarnish is quite uncommon on Hermès hardware pieces. It is most likely a counterfeit if you have a bag with silver hardware and gold threads showing through. Silver hardware that has been tarnished, on the other hand, maybe genuine. Hardware should have a robust and hefty feel to it. Check out the best preloved hermes kelly and Hermes bags here.


Because of the uniqueness of the Birkin and Kelly models, it is uncommon to locate one on the resale market that is much less expensive than the original price. The price of the bags has constantly climbed over the years, and anybody trying to sell their bag is nearly always looking to take advantage of the increase in value.