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    The House of Magick opened its doors on December 14, 1999 at 615 N. Milwaukee Street as a Metaphysical/Occult shop. The shop was opened to be a supplier to the magickal community in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. We also try to function as a resource for information and services in this area. We hope to present a positive image to the retail community and the community at large of alternative belief systems and to dispel some of the misconceptions about these belief systems.
     The location of the store has a longtime history associated with magick and occult practices. In the 1960's and until the mid 80's there was an occult shop at this location. It was called Sanctum Regnum and provided those with an interest in magick and the occult with a place to get their supplies as well as information on proper procedures to follow.
     The House of Magick is now located in Cudahy at 4726 S Packard Avenue, Cudahy WI.

     John, the owner of The House of Magick, describes himself as an Eclectic Witch and was initiated in 1999. He knows what it is like to have a lot of questions. You will see him in the store but he also takes care of a lot of the work behind the scenes like ordering products and bagging herbs. John will be happy to help you in whatever way that he can.


Dani Crinklaaw (Ahollokah Nanpisa)

Dani Crinklaw is an empathic/intuitive healer utilizing many metaphysical healing methods including Tarot and Oracle decks, crystals, pendulums, prayer, and energy healing. Dani is a member of the American Tarot Association. She is a Certified Angel Realm Reader through Doreen Virtue, PhD. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion through Universal Life Church and was also ordained through ULC in 2003. Dani is a Certified Crystal Energy Healer through Love and Light Healing School. Swhe is a Professional Tarot Consultant, Metaphysical Provider, and member of the Wold Metaphysical Association. Currently, Dani is enrolled in the University of Metaphysical Sciences Doctorate degree program for Holistic Life Coach and Universal Class for the Spiritual Guide Support Learning Pathway.


I had an amazing reading from Ahollokah Nanpisa (Dani Crinklaw) today. It was just exactly what I needed, and she has the best personal interpretations of the cards and how they fit together. If you are needing some awesome intuitive insight, I highly recommend getting a reading. E.H.

I had a 22 card tarot reading for 2015 today with Ahollokah Nanpisa (Dani Crinklaw) and it was awesome! She makes it fun even when you're hearing things that aren't so great...she gives you suggestions to make it through those hard spots in life. I really enjoyed my reading and look forward to seeing how spot on it is with the coming new year! I'd recommend a reading with Ahollokah Nanpisa if you're considering it..she's very in touch with the angels! Five stars! T.W.

I had a reading a few weeks ago and it was spot on with things going on in my life. There was one card that I wasn't to sure how to take, so I asked and it was explained clearly. The reading was my first experience and I would gladly do one again. Wonderful! A.G


Susan T. Sigl, M.S., LPS, CSAC, ICS
Reader, Counselor, Consultant Speaker and Trainer

Cell Phone#: 414-217-3618 or c/o House of Magick: 414-294-3444

Susan T. Sigl is an experienced Tarot Reader, Educator, Trainer Practitioner and artist. She has been actively working with the Tarot including study of both western and eastern mystery traditions for the past 45 years. She has been palm reader for the past 30 years and also works with pendulums & psychometry (i.e. use of an object such as jewelry, picture clothing to establish psychic connection in order to do a reading). Susan is also a Reki II energy worker. Susan is the owner of
“Tarot Tree/Knowledge Tree” and has had her own small business for the past 35 yrs. She also has had a booth at the Bristol Renaissance Fair for 32 years. She does individual readings, by appointment as well as couple’s or other partnership readings, psychic fairs, workshops, classes and parties.

In addition to being an experience Tarot practitioner, Susan has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology Counseling from UWM- Milwaukee and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She holds State of Wisconsin additional licenses and/or certifications in professional counseling, clinical substance abuse counseling & school counseling. She has additional certifications, training &/or specializations in Hypnotherapy, PTSD- trauma/grief/loss counseling, ADHD, adoption & blended families, working with Art in therapy, play therapy, compulsive gambling and Anger Management counseling. She is also a musician, published writer, poet and artist.

Susan currently works as The Clinical Education and Counseling Supervisor for a local community based agency which also operates as a certified outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinic. She previously worked as a clinical dual diagnosis therapist as an independent contractor, clinical supervisor and trainer or a variety of agencies and programs in the community for more than 25 years. She has worked with adults, children, teens couples and families in both community and school in both traditional and non-traditional settings as well

I will be doing free 20 minute readings
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Walk In Peace and Keep on Dancing!

Tarot, Crystals for Beginners, and Meeting the Archangels Classes Starting TBA

Contact the House of Magick at 414-294-3444
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Metaphysical vendors wanted

for Imbolc/Candlemas Psychic Fair

Astrologists, Feng Shui practitioners, and other metaphysical practitioners,
please send us information about your services if you are interested in assistting our customers in the Pagan/Metaphysical community.

Phone Readings now available!

We are sorry that we cannot respond to personal issues via email.
Please only email for product questions.

Map to House of Magick
4726 S Packard Ave
Cudahy WI 53110-1430

      The House of Magic is a Metaphysical / Occult Shop now located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 4726 South Packard Avenue.

     The shop opened in mid December of 1999 to serve the Pagan and Magickal Community by making available various products, classes, services and resources.

     The products I sell are used for ritual purposes and spells and various other forms of magickal workings, like poppets, mojo bags and sachets. For the most part I do not sell products that are used in illusion or stage magic though a couple of the products can be used in stage magic (like Vesta Powder, a flash type powder). In my store I sell items used in ritual work and spell work and items to aid the magickian in preparing for and doing their magickal work and studies.

     I hope, by my presence in the retail community, to project a positive image of alternative belief systems.

The House of Magick
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The new Cudahy storefront

John, the owner

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Healing Room

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The Secret
by Bob Proctor


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