Here are ways to upgrade your wedding reception with a DIY photo booth backdrop

The images are among the most treasured keepsakes from any wedding. Long after the big day has passed, brides and grooms will want to look through their book, and guests will enjoy reminiscing about how much fun they had. Photo booths are a fun way to keep everyone occupied at a wedding, and they’re also a brilliant way to personalize it. Providing a makeshift photo booth with a backdrop is one of the easiest ways to get attendees in front of the camera. After all, it’s difficult to forget a bespoke photo booth backdrop!

  1. Curtains with iridescent fringe

With a shiny photo-booth background and matching accessories, one can focus on their visitors. Pushpin layers of iridescent fringe curtains to a surface and provide decorations like iridescent gift wrap bouquets and veils.

  1. Floral monogram on the wall

Display the new shared initial during the reception and in photos taken by guests. Make a cursive letter out of a faux-flower garland and mount it to the wall with tacks or removable, self-adhesive hooks. One can also add more imitation flowers to it if they want.

  1. Wall of flowers

This flower wall serves as a photo booth backdrop and a favor showcase. Hang a pocket-covered planter with pots of lovely geraniums within. Guests can take the plants home with them once they’ve posed for their photos. Keep the blossoms in the light plastic they arrived in -the finished bouquet is already rather hefty.

Don’t forget to ask the wedding photographer and planner for advice. They’ll advise one on where to set up the booth and may have ideas for props and other extras.