Legit & Scam checker for Online Shopping and Online Services

The world of online shopping is a vast and complicated place. It can be hard to know whether the products you are buying are legit or scams. The internet has made it very easy for scam artists to fake authenticity, so many have fallen victim to extremely convincing frauds. There are ways that consumers can protect themselves from becoming scammed by checking out who they’re dealing with before making purchases online. Still, sometimes it’s just not enough information available to make an informed decision. That’s why there is a website called “legit & scam checker,” which helps shoppers determine if what they’re looking at is safe or unsafe – giving them peace of mind when purchasing items online.

The web is filled with so many different online stores selling so many products that it can be hard to distinguish between a legit store and one that might scam you.

How to use Scam Checker?

Thelegit & Scam checker is a free tool to check if an email, phone number, or website is safe. The service does this by verifying the authenticity of each source using data gathered from across multiple sources. It works as follows:

  • First, the user enters their query into the search bar, and it will pull up results from Google and Wikipedia pages.
  • In addition to those two sources, it also pulls information from Facebook profiles.
  • Lastly, it checks with several different government databases for confirmation on whether or not what has been found is legitimate or a scam.
  • Legit & Scam checkerthat allows users to type in the URL of any site they are thinking about signing up for, and it will give them an immediate indication if it’s legit or not.
  • It also offers helpful tips on how to avoid scams. Some of these include things like: never paying with gift cards, being careful when sharing personal information online, and always reading reviews before making a purchase. This is especially important when buying from new websites because there may not be many reviews yet.

Tips that will help you determine if a website or service is legitimate or a scam

The legit and Scam checker helps you to stay safe while online shopping. It keeps track of any sites that are not reputable so that you can avoid them. This saves your money because the site is probably a scam, or at least their items are overpriced. You can also use it if you think you’ve been scammed by someone on an ecommerce website like Amazon or Etsy. If they’re not legitimate, then this will help save your money.