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e have Psychic Readers and Classes available at the store.

House of Magick brings together these powerful people whose unique psychic abilities can be a positive influence on your spiritual life as well as assisting in solving everyday dilemmas.

Readings are by appointment or walk-in. Call the shop at (414) 294-3444, to setup an appointment. (Please note: Appointments will not be held for more than 10 minutes past the appointment time).

All Readings are CASH ONLY!

Readings are available only Friday through Sunday.

Our readers are:

George - Palmistry - Saturdays (2 pm to 5 pm) or by appointment
Palmistry is related to astrology and has been dated all the way back to Egyptian times. It really didn't become popular until the late 19th century. I am self taught, and I have been doing readings since 1975; 34 years at WSP & under Carol Rushman. I have served numerous psychic faires all over Milwaukee as well as other venues in Wisconsin. I have also been booked for many private parties. I have studied counseling for 3 years at UWM and have worked as a crisis counselor for 6 and 1/2 years. I prefer to read both hands because I feel this will give you a proficient and thorough reading. All readings are confidential.

Evroula Kargotis - Reiki and Ascension Reiki - by appointment.

Evroula has been practicing Reiki and Ascension Reiki for over 12 years in both The US and the UK. In addition to her private practice she has also used her hands-on healing techniques in hospitals and Cancer Care facilities.
    - 2007, Ascension Reiki, Iona-Light Healing Center
    - Aromatherapy, 2000, P.B.T.T.
    - Massage, 2000, P.B.T.T.
    - Usui Reiki I and II, 2001
    - Advanced Certification in Human Relations, 2001, Oasis School of Human Relations
    - Therapeutic Counseling - Human Relations (CPCAB), 2001
    - Personal Development Certification, 2001, Oasis School of Human Relations


Susan T. Sigl M.S., LPC, CSAC, ICS - Reader, Counselor, Consultant Speaker and Trainer
Phone#: 414-294-3444

Susan T. Sigl is an experienced Tarot Reader, Educator, Trainer Practitioner and artist. She has been actively working with the Tarot including study of both western and eastern mystery traditions for the past 45 years. She has been palm reader for the past 30 years and also works with pendulums & psychometry (i.e. use of an object such as jewelry, picture clothing to establish psychic connection in order to do a reading). Susan is also a Reki II energy worker. Susan is the owner of
“Tarot Tree/Knowledge Tree” and has had her own small business for the past 35 yrs. She also has had a booth at the Bristol Renaissance Fair for 32 years. She does individual readings, by appointment as well as couple’s or other partnership readings, psychic fairs, workshops, classes and parties.

In addition to being an experience Tarot practitioner, Susan has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology Counseling from UWM- Milwaukee and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She holds State of Wisconsin additional licenses and/or certifications in professional counseling, clinical substance abuse counseling & school counseling. She has additional certifications, training &/or specializations in Hypnotherapy, PTSD- trauma/grief/loss counseling, ADHD, adoption & blended families, working with Art in therapy, play therapy, compulsive gambling and Anger Management counseling. She is also a musician, published writer, poet and artist.

Susan currently works as The Clinical Education and Counseling Supervisor for a local community based agency which also operates as a certified outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinic. She previously worked as a clinical dual diagnosis therapist as an independent contractor, clinical supervisor and trainer or a variety of agencies and programs in the community for more than 25 years. She has worked with adults, children, teens couples and families in both community and school in both traditional and non-traditional settings as well.

Readings generally last 30 minutes and their fees are payable directly to the reader and are on a cash only basis.

Our Readers are Available for parties!

Classes offered at House of Magick.

Available classes at the store cover several topics. Class length varies by subject, and all classes are held at the store. Class fees are paid in advance of class start date.

Sign up by e-mailing, or when coming into the store.

New Classes are coming SOON!

All classes are for personal enrichment only!

Class Synopsis

Crystals For Beginners

Purpose of class:

To discuss the metaphysical uses for 7 of the most commonly used crystals, also referred to here as stones over the course of 8 weeks.

Stones to be utilized:

Green Aventurine
Blue Tiger's Eye
Clear Quartz

Participants will receive:

• A handout discussing each stone
• The stone being discussed. Will be given at the time of the class.
• A small bag to carry the stones in
• A 50% off coupon for a 1 hour length crystal healing session (valued at $150) with Dani Crinklaw
  (dba. Ahollokah Nanpisa)
• A Certificate of Participation at the end of the 8 week class
• If desired, an MP3 copy of the guided meditation for each stone utilized in the class at an
  additional cost of $3 per meditation or $15 for all seven.

Week 1: Introduction to Stones as Energy Healers

A.) Meet the instructor
B.) Meet the crystals being presented
C.) Terms and definitions
D.) The legal stuff

Week 2: Jet

A.) Metaphysical properties
B.) Discussion
C.) Guided meditation

Week 3: Amethyst

A.) Metaphysical properties
B.) Discussion
C.) Guided Meditation

Week 4: Citrine

A.) Metaphysical properties
B.) Discussion
C.) Guided Meditation

Week 5: Selenite

A.) Metaphysical properties
B.) Discussion
C.) Guided Meditation

Week 6: Green Aventurine

A.) Metaphysical properties
B.) Discussion
C.) Guided Meditation

Week 7: Blue Tiger's Eye

A.) Metaphysical properties
B.) Discussion
C.) Guided Meditation

Week 8: Clear Quartz

A.) Metaphysical properties
B.) Discussion
C.) Guided Meditation
D.) Using the stones together

Meeting The Archangels

Purpose of the class:

To introduce students to the Archangels and ways the Archangels can assist humans on a daily basis over the course of 6 weeks.

Angels discussed:

• Michael
• Gabriel
• Uriel
• Metatron
• Raphael
• Jeremiel
• Chamuel
• Zadkiel
• Raguel
• Raziel
• Jophiel
• Azrael
• Ariel
• Sandalphon
• Haniel
• Cassiel

What participants receive:

• Handouts discussing each Archangel's correspondences and purpose
• A symbol of each Archangel discussed in the form of either a pocket statue, coin, or card
• Coupon for 50% off a 1 hour Archangel Oracle reading with Dani Crinklaw
   (dba. Ahollokah Nanpisa) valued at $75.00.
• Certificate of Participation at the end of the 6 week class

Week 1: Introduction

A.) Meet the Instructor
B.) Terms and definitions
C.) Legal stuff

Week 2: Are There Angels Among Us?

A.) Signs from the Archangels
B.) Communicating with Archangels
C.) Religious and cultural significance of Archangels

Week 3: Meeting the Archangels Part 1

A.) Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Metatron
B.) Discussion of correspondences
C.) Keeping an Archangel journal

Week 4: Meeting the Archangels Part 2

A.) Uriel, Sandalphon, Cassiel, Zadkiel
B.) Discussion of Correspondences
C.) Altars or other sacred spaces dedicated to Archangels

Week 5: Meeting the Archangels Part 3

A.) Haniel, Raziel, Ariel, Raguel
B.) Discussion of Correspondences
C.) Practical applications

Week 6: Meeting the Archangels Part 4

A.) Jeremiel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Azrael
B.) Discussion of Correspondences
C.) Sign up and discussion of hosting Archangels in the home

Instructor: Susan T. Sigl M.S. LPC, CSAC, ICS

During this 6 week course we will explore a down to earth approach and understanding and working with the Tarot as a practical and useful method of better understanding ourselves, others and the world around us. This course will be using a hands-on approach, encouraging participants to “practice” what they learn about as they also make the Tarot something personal in their own lives and sharing insight with others, via readings (divination) as well as for (meditation) or personal growth.

Learning about Tarot practice incorporates both traditional & historic mystical and magical spiritual principles, traditions & interpretations, including elements of both eastern and western traditions. However, the Tarot is also a useful & practical tool for exploring more innovative and inspirational approaches to life choices, decision making & our unique creative talents as well, in a variety of ways. Tarot includes elements of history, mystery, magic, literary or musical inspiration, visual imagery, art therapy humor and psychology as we come to experience “Tarot” as a lens to see the world somewhat differently too.

So why not come learn, laugh & come Tarot play with us too.
(Handouts will be provided: some books may be recommended…..& of course you will be encouraged to have at least one of your own tarot decks)

NOTE: This is Part I of a two part overall course
Part II will also be scheduled soon as well with a discount available in future
Or Email contacts: or

Please contact the store for current schedule, costs and to sign up.
Class size is limited.

We can be reached by phone in Milwaukee at  414-294-3444 or fax at
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