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JOHN - I am an Eclectic Witch and was initiated in 1999. I know what it is like to have a lot of questions. You will see me in the store but I also take care of a lot of the work behind the scenes like ordering products and bagging herbs. I will be happy to help you in whatever way that I can.

     The House of Magick opened its doors on December 14, 1999 at 615 N. Milwaukee Street as a Metaphysical/Occult shop. The shop was opened to be a supplier to the magickal community in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. We also try to function as a resource for information and services in this area. We hope to present a positive image to the retail community and the community at large of alternative belief systems and to dispel some of the misconceptions about these belief systems.
     The location of the store has a longtime history associated with magick and occult practices. In the 1960's and until the mid 80's there was an occult shop at this location. It was called Sanctum Regnum and provided those with an interest in magick and the occult with a place to get their supplies as well as information on proper procedures to follow. Many of the current practitioners in this area have fond memories of Sanctum Regnum and the people who had owned it and worked there during those years, myself included.
     Between the mid 80's and 1996 there were other businesses that tried to use the space with little success. Then in January of 1996, Hand of Glory was opened by Kris and Anita; 615 N. Milwaukee Street was again an occult shop serving our community. We again had a supplier and resource center available to us, staffed by knowledgeable people who practiced their belief systems. Sadly, Hand of Glory closed at the end of November, 1999.
     At House of Magick John and I hope to continue the work started by both of these shops and their owners and employees. They opened the door to the metaphysical and occult worlds for many in our area and we hope to assist in keeping that door open for current practitioners and those who discover these beliefs every day. With the backing of the metaphysical/occult community we can be here in this very magickal place for years to come. Please feel free to come in and experience the very special environment of over 30 years of magickal energy.

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