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ouse of Magick is a Metaphysical and Occult shop. The products I sell are used for ritual purposes and spells and various other forms of magickal workings, like poppets, mojo bags and sachets. For the most part I do not sell products that are used in illusion or stage magic though a couple of the products can be used in stage magic (like Vesta Powder, a flash type powder). In my store I sell items used in ritual work and spell work and items to aid the magickian in preparing for and doing their magickal work and studies.

These items include but are not limited to:

Books on various metaphysical and occult topics Oils, blended and essential Candles, including scented and non-scented as well as various sizes from votives to pillars to 7-day and 14-day candles. I also have male and female figure candles and other shapes used in various spells and magickal works. Stones and gems in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I have tumbled gemstones, spheres, massage tools, laser wands, Vogels and points. We have pendants and stones set in jewelry. Incense is available from various sources including Nag Champa and Spiritual Guide. I have Fred Soll incenses and Essential Essences. I also carry resins like Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh and several blends as well as some of my own blends like Love, Healing and Banishing. Jewelry is available that includes many of the symbols used in working magick including pentagrams. I have jewelry made by local artisans that include various materials including gemstones, crystals, decorative glass and clay. I have gem and crystal points mounted in silver and also several lengths and styles of silver chains. Miscellaneous items I stock include Tarot decks and books and bags in various styles, herbs of various kinds, mojo bags, hand blown glass witchballs, deva dolls, sleep pillows, incense burners, runes and ritual tools and altar cloths.

We have recently found that we have had to set a minimum order amount of $25.00 for internet orders due to increased processing costs.


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